Student Workshops


Artistic practice and creative thinking play a meaningful role in the development of our youth.

Water Monument

Now Booking for 2021-22

An interactive experience for young environmentalists and art appreciators! This workshop discusses water care through Indigenous cultural perspectives. Kim Wheatley facilitates a fabric-art project that leads to the assembly of a community water quilt. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the art and ethics of water preservation. We all have a responsibility to appreciate and protect our earth for future generations!

A Moving Landscape

Now Booking for 2021-22

An interactive performance and workshop for students of all grade levels. Participants will witness the making of a new dance work by choreographer Jera Wolfe and dance artist Miyeko Ferguson. The piece is in development in Orillia and has been inspired by the natural setting of our regional Ontario city.

Photo: Kendra Epik / Photo Composite: Sean Rees

For more information contact Kate Hilliard, Creative Director