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We believe that artists play a vital role in society—interpreting and shaping cultural development through creative expression and advocacy. Orillia for Arts + Culture is a charitable organization that supports the making of original works through development residencies in a wide range of artistic disciplines. We bolster creative practice so that art may have a meaningful focus and influence on the important cultural issues of our time. We are contributing to artistic sector growth across Ontario while enriching our local community through outreach education and world-class performances that would not otherwise be seen locally.



Orillia for Arts + Culture supports the development of 10 original artistic works each year through residencies in 4 separate areas of artistic practice: Language Arts, Dance, Theatre, and Music. Artists are selected through an application process juried by a panel of experts in their professional fields. Each residency offers the opportunity for artists to expand their creative practice and body of work. Orillia for Arts + Culture produces new performances and exhibits for the local general public. In doing so, we are identifying Orillia as an incubator for artistic creation and cultivating audiences who will share the magic of these first public encounters.




As the world searches for solutions to climate change, for equality and social justice for all people, and for a pandemic-free future, people are looking for inspiration!  Artists can play—and will play—an integral role in envisioning a new and better world. Ontario needs a place for the research and development of this creative work. By supporting artistic practices, Orillia for Art + Culture can contribute to art sector growth and stimulate cultural insight and understandings. We believe in working together in creative partnership with professional artists, cultural stakeholders, local businesses, and not-for-profit organizations in the service of positive cultural change and for the mutual benefit of all.

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